Monday, August 12, 2013

Stuff Stuff Stuff

Seven trips and counting! That’s how many times we’ve transported our “land stuff” to our designated storage facility (my parents’ basement). All weekend was spent forming boxes (thanks Patricia for all the boxes!), sifting through our life’s possessions, cramming them into boxes and carrying them to the car (lift with your knees!).

Two realizations from this exercise:

1- Moving always also entails many trips down memory lane (and hilarious pictures!)

2- 99% of material things are a waste of space, are hardly ever used, should never have been procured in the first place and should have been parted with long ago. They are not only a parasitic drain on our resources ($$, space, effort, environment, etc.) but also a weight on our soul. One of the fundamental issues facing humanity today. Hoarders! Pack Rats! Don’t get me started!

I sincerely hope that downsizing to a very small living space on the boat will minimize our “stuff” quotient.

Luckily most of our big items (furniture, furnishings, appliances, etc.) will stay put as I’ve negotiated with my roommate to purchase them as he takes over the apartment. It was shocking to see how little all I’d accumulated over the years was ultimately worth in the final accounting. Ah depreciation…

Next phase is to move the precious few remaining items to the boat. This unfortunately cannot be done until the engine is put back together, hopefully Wednesday.

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  1. You should talk to my wife.... arrrgh...all that stuff in the house..