Saturday, September 7, 2013

Border Run

We are now south of the border! We crossed at Rouses Point NY. All my research had indicated that to check-in with US customs a vessel was to cross the border and turn into the first marina, only the captain could come ashore with all the crews paperwork and go directly to an onsite customs office for processing. As we approached the actual border line we saw a big flashing sign saying "Customs" "All Boats" next to a trailer and some floating docks. Again, based on my research I took this as a reminder to go directly to the first Marina and check-in. We proceeded directly to Gaines Marina. While maneuvering in the tight confines of the marina (again with a 53' mast on deck) trying to find the right dock for customs clearance we ran aground. Of course. Sigh. While we were able to power off (thank you diesel engine) we yelled to a lady on her sailboat "where's the customs dock?" "You have to go to that big new flashing sign" was the answer. Of course. Sigh. So back we go to the flashing sign. once we got there it was actually a very smooth process; a border agent inspected the boat (what a mess... how embarrassing), they checked our passports and we got a "Cruising Permit" for the US (we now have to telephone check-in to several "ports of call" as we go down the coast). We were done in about fifteen minutes and on our way. We anchored just across the border and again celebrated another milestone in starting this adventure.
See that flashing sign way over on the right...

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