Friday, October 4, 2013

Doll Fins

Today we continue our drive south but there is very little wind (only 5knots) and what little there is is directly against us so sailing is out of the question (hey we're on a deadline here!). It'll be a day of boring motoring. I really prefer when we can sail because it's way more fun, totally free and very quiet. But after the week we've had, a bit of boring old motoring is not so bad.
I never knew that the ocean could be so calm. It's not more than the lake at our country house on a summer's afternoon. What a contrast to a few days ago!

Today would be the perfect day to make use of the autopilot. I tried to recalibrate it, part of which is called swinging the compass in which you have to go around in circles for a while but alas it didn't work. I think the autopilot's compass is positioned too close to the lead keel which is throwing it way off. Thank goodness we were out of sight of anyone because we probably looked ridiculous going around in circles for ten minutes. Actually if someone saw us they may have called it in to the Coast Guard like we heard on the VHF radio yesterday about a little fishing boat going around in circles without any occupants...

In today's calm waters we were visited by dolphins. Throughout the day we counted about 40 and they were as close as 100feet. They weren't flying through hoops or anything, just swimming along and breathing at the surface. A dream come true for me will be when a dolphin plays in our bow wave while under sail. That'll be cool!!
We're almost at Norfolk, Virginia.

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