Friday, June 13, 2014

You know you're a red neck when...

You know you're a redneck when you have many of your possessions laid out on the front porch and lawn for all to see. We've all seen it driving by; old washing machine, tire rims, a couch, old truck. Well the deck of a live-aboard sailboat is often similar. Before Topanga became our home her decks were clear and clean. Since moving aboard the deck has been filled with a wide variety of things, things that are just too big or inconvenient (or dangerous) to fit anywhere else. Now there are boats out there with less stuff on deck than us but let me tell you there are boats with a lot more too! On our deck we have our dinghy, generator, five gallon jugs (diesel x2, gas x1, fresh water x2), one folding bicycle. Plus when we're at anchor, docked or moving in vey calm waters we have Dexter the Dog's two foot square path of astro turf.

The important thing for on deck storage is to have everything lashed down tight so nothing falls off when we're flying along heeled over at 30 degrees. We use ratchet straps for the dinghy. The jugs are held with industrial rubber bands to a wooden board secured between stanchions. The generator is strapped and locked to the base of the mast. The folded bicycle (in protective bag) is squeezed tightly between the jugs and the dinghy with a strap running through the bag handle. The doggy pad is tied with a bowline knot to a stanchion. The other important thing is to have everything protected from saltwater because they will get splashed A LOT. You really don't want salt water getting into your diesel fuel!

Then in our cockpit we have a variety of other things always out; binoculars, fishing rod, dog water, food and toys. Sigh.

Our front lawn ya'll

Fender board

Dog toy, brush, lure and oarlock...

Fishin' Rod

Garden light and binoculars

Always under foot

Some reminders for me at the mast

What redneck yard would be compete without Old Glory flying proud

But check out some others... there's a boat under there somewhere

We're both using the physics of lift

Gone fishin'

Jones Beach on Long Island NY


  1. Hi. Great post!

    We are working on some of our on deck storage and would love to see more details on the system you have for your jugs. Do you have any other photos?

    Thanks and fair winds,


    1. Sure Jesse, I'll take a few close-ups and send them to you. What's your email address? Mine is Love your blog btw!