Friday, January 3, 2014

Capital Crew

The sail from Chub Cay to Nassau was probably our best sail yet, made all the more  pleasant with our new crew member Ray Charles. Ray doesn't eat, sleep or take up much space. Doesn't kvetch. Doesn't drink my rum. Yes our autopilot is finally working!! This makes long passage sailing so much more enjoyable. Now we can leave the wheel briefly, sit in more places & more comfortable positions. Now we can mentally focus on additional things while underway. Oh how this would have come in handy so many times throughout our journey.
Testing is still underway as we get to know our new crew but it seems Ray can at least hold a compass course in light winds. Next step will be to see if he can follow a defined route with waypoints & turns transmitted from the GPS Chartplotter.

Nassau is just how we remembered it from last February. Atlantis, cruise ships, kitsch. This time at least we had our bearings and knew where to get supplies & eat and where not to. We've anchored in the Nassau Harbour right by all the marinas.

We spent New Year's Eve with some of our cruising compatriots at a marina. Midnight fireworks from a passing barge marked the beginning of a new year.

We also now have a Bahamian SIM card in our smart phone so now theoretically we can call, text and get internet. I say theoretically because service in the islands and cays we're headed to will be very sparse. We've had reports from other cruisers saying theirs never worked. Got to at least try right? It's important to stay in touch but more critically to be able to get weather reports. Weather now rules our life.

Finally some shots of Topanga on the go. Isn't she beautiful?

And back on board for a nightcap.

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