Tuesday, January 28, 2014

G Spot

George Town Exuma is also known as “chicken harbour” in that it is where the majority of cruisers' navigation south ends for the winter because venturing further represents increased level of remoteness and risk. At its peak, during the George Town Cruisers Regatta (Feb 21-27), there are around four hundred boats in the harbour. This represents 30% of the entire island's population! Now there are about two hundred boats and more arrive everyday. The George Town cruising community is very organized. There is beach yoga, beach church, beach art, daily volleyball games, regular parties, ARG – the Alcohol Research Group meetings., etc. Heck we just got back from our second Trivial Pursuit night in a week, first prize is two bottles of rum! (we cam within half a point of third place tonight... blah!). Every morning at 8:00 there is cruisers net (VHF channel 72) on which a net controller gives emergency info, weather info, local businesses call in to highlight specials, boaters general where anybody can pipe in with a question, offer or interesting information. The VHF radio channels here are very active and everyone overhears conversations, to the extent that we get to know particular people and boats. It's an interesting study in voyeurism and makes for good dinner conversation “did you hear what that british lady said to Mr. X today?” “I did, too funny!”

On this past Friday's net we were surprised to hear Funny Things offer a Shabbat celebration that evening. We took them up on the offer and stopped in for freshly baked challah and snacks. Eric, Betsy and their children Franklin (13) and Imogen (6) are from Washington DC. And we thought we were the only jewish cruisers in the western hemisphere! We had a typically peaceful shabbat with this laid back family. Eric and Betsy had been homeschooling the kids over the previous three months but now in George Town have enrolled them in the local school for a month.

One of the reasons George Town is so popular is that is is the biggest population center south of Nassau and thus has some infrastructure catering to cruisers. Most importantly there is a free water spout at the town dinghy dock. Fuel is readilly available, as well as some spare parts. Groceries, booze and beer. There are several nightspots with “Rake & Scrape” music nights.

That being said a few of our disappointments with G-Town is the lack of a free garbage disposal, the lack of a functioning waste pump out facility and the generally high price for many things.

We are anchored in front of the Chat 'n Chill on Volley Ball beach and have been quickly refreshing our volley ball skills (1996 High School Champions ya!!).

All that being said we have been warned many times not to fall into the George Town trap, staying here in relative comfort and safety much too long (cause who wants that?). Fear not, we are planning a departure to Long Island in the coming days.

Where to next?

I drank all this

And then had a long nap

The girls petting a ray

Bump, set, spike

Dinghy decked our with balloons for Cassandra's birthday

Fancy birthday dinner. Who doesn't love trick candles ;-)

Topanga at the back of the propane line. Actually the truck came in from the other side so we were first

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