Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to Beginnings

It's officially a summer! Sailed on Lake Chaplain this weekend. Went down to visit with my wonderful cousins in upstate New York and got the chance to go out on Laughing Gull,my cousin's Mariner 19ft day sailer. For those who follow this blog regularly you'll know that this is where it all began for me as a child. It was a perfect sailing day with good steady wind and we crossed the lake on a beam reach almost all the way to Vermont on the other side. We only had the main sail up but we made good speed over ground regardless. It was so nice not having to worry about shallow water depths as we do in Montreal these days. Cassandra took a try at the tiller and once she got the hang of steering pointed us exactly where we wanted to go. A natural! The only thing missing from the excursion was chilled boat wine! Unfortunately the following day's weather was dismal but at least we got out once. My cousin was kind enough to give me a large fender that had washed up on her shoreline earlier in the season, much needed additional protection for Topanga's hull when transiting locks. Thanks! When we pass through Lake Champlain on our way to the Caribbean I wonder if we could moor on her ball, or if we'd be too big/heavy or too close to shore?

Laughing Gull at rest

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