Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back to Where it All Started

Today was big run down Lake Champlain. From Rouses Point where we crossed the border we attempted to and succeed in reaching Essex. Essex is where I would sail every summer with my cousin Laura and fell in love with the sport / hobby / idea. I've so been looking forward to passing here because this is really where it all began.

Lake Champlain is a major body of water and great for sailing. Many sailboats were out and I was so jealous because they were flying with the wind while I was stuck motoring. Today there were strong northerly winds, giving us following seas which, while making us go faster also created very rolly conditions. We wanted to get moving as soon as possible so Cassandra decided to make breakfast after we were underway. Being below for extended periods in rolly conditions is a recipe for seasickness and that's just what she got, poor thing. Once one gets seasick it is very difficult to get out of it and unfortunately Cassy spent the whole day feeling queezy & nauseous. We tried everything; her steering, ginger ale, water, napping above, napping below, but to no avail.

We docked at the Old Dock restaurant & bar. They agreed to let us spend the night tied up for free since we were eating dinner here. My godmother Carole who lives in Essex was able to come join us for dinner and see the boat for the first time. This was a very special moment and she has always been very supportive of this endeavour with many words of wisdom.

Cassandra is typically the photographer so unfortunately today there are no photos, except this one when she got off the boat. She is sleeping soundly and will be in fine form tomorrow.
Inner ear can put you on your back

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  1. Hey John! Glad to see things are going well. Fair winds mate.