Monday, April 7, 2014

Capital Acquisition

With the west, south and east coast of Puerto Rico under our belt visiting the capital San Juan on the north coast completed our circumnavigation of this unique latin american island. Coming into San Juan we were struck by the high rises on the coast line, reminding us of Florida. The harbour entrance near Old San Juan is lined by old colourful houses and protected by a massive spanish fort.

The San Juan marina is relatively expensive yet leaves much to be desired. No one answered the radio, no one to help us dock. This is one of those marinas with pilings and very small finger docks. With a strong crosswind we had a lot of trouble docking. It took three attempts, at one point we were turned perpendicular across three slips with only about three feet forward, aft, starboard and port (I was like a surgeon managing the boat in this tight space! I was also freaking out!) Anyway, one bent stanchion later we were secured.

We were pleasantly surprised to see Funny Things a few slips over.This is the family we enjoyed Shabbat with in Georgetown. They were now living on the boat in San Juan relatively long term, kids enrolled in school, etc.

San Juan is a big city. We didn't have a lot of time to enjoy it properly; priority number one was properly celebrating Cassandra's acceptance into the very exclusive Masters in Art Therapy program with a fancy dinner out. The next day we visited Old San Juan and the shoreline barrios.

Later, on the way to re-provisioning at a supermarket we spontaneously treated ourselves to movie theatre!! Wow, been a long time.

Sailing In

Biggest sailing yacht in the marina, just gorgeous!

Best equipped sailing yacht in the marina! There is literally a washer in the cockpit.

Room with a view

John & Dexter banished to the dungeon

Waterfront property... nice view for eternity

We really like re-creating that scene from The Lion King

All cooped up. I know what its like guys I live on a boat.

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