Sunday, May 4, 2014

Destiny's Child

When you're a minor internet blog celebrity like myself you naturally develop an internet following / fan club. Founding member and acting club president Xiang Xiu, a fifteen year old japanese boy has done some amazing research and uncovered a fact that even I was unaware of.

The travel section of the old Montreal Star newspaper once ran a entire spread on sail cruising the Bahamas and Caribbean. Publication date of this issue: 17 March, 1979.... the day of my birth!

This has blown my mind raised all kinds of philosophical and existential quandaries. Who am I? What is going on?! Will the end of this trip be the end of me? Will I be without direction? What happens when one's destiny if fulfilled?

In that same newspaper edition there was an ad for shag carpeting. Yes, shag carpeting... I'll lead the comeback!

Montreal Star Newspaper Travel Section

Just up the road from St. Patrick's day parade I was coming into this world

Old is new again

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  1. Xiang Xiu?? Founding member and acting club president ??
    More like Joshua Rothstein, the founding member of your friendship lol