Saturday, September 20, 2014

Back from Being Back

Back on the blog! Sorry for the lengthy hiatus in posting but being back on land and reintegrating in “normal” society has been absolutely overwhelming. (or underwhelming)

The entire month of August was dedicated to friends and family, immediate and extended. Welcome home dinners, family golf tournament, country houses, visitors from New York and California, birthday parties, summer BBQ’s,. Cassandra met a lot of people!

Everybody has been welcoming & enthusiastic about our trip and our return.  And so full of questions!
Top questions:
  • How was it?
  • Did you have any really bad weather?
  • Were you scared?
  • Did you run into pirates?
  • How did the dog like it?
  • Are you getting married?
  • What are you going to do now?

We have failed miserably at responding adequately to the barrage of interest but we are improving.  It’s an interesting interaction and the key is to very quickly evaluate the person asking: do they have any concept of boating? do they understand the distances involved? have they read our blogs at all?

We are now living half on the boat and half at my parents’ house in the suburbs.
Poor Topanga didn’t get any attention the entire month of August and must have felt abandoned :-( but now we are reunited and are taking care of her again (she took such good care of us!). We’ve been out sailing three times on the river and even slept one night out at anchor.

Cassandra has started her Masters Program in Art Therapy. Beauty and brains!

I’m helping my parents out and starting the search for gainful employment, taking advantage of some free time to work on the boat and get all kinds of “back-burner” things done on land.

I’ve also re-started racing on Jesse’s J24 Rushmore. Competitive sailing on a race design boat with a five-person crew is very different than the cruising we’ve done over the last year.  Different catalyst, same adrenaline rush.  So much fun.


Josie came to visit!

Dexter en garde... so much space to run in

Tom Seleck

Not sure about this guy...

Not ours

Warminf up the water for Josie

Ballon animals

Good looking family

Up at the lake

Cassy's chainsaw incident

So many stitches on such a little toe
Exactly what happened

California knows how to party


Jack and the fam

My cuz is so badass

Short trip to Quebec City, oh the thread count in these beds was amazing!

Flying the spinnaker 

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