Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Go Amateur

Finally, broke out the GoPro Camera today. I rigged a mount on the end of boat hook so the perspective would be from off the boat. This is as we were coming across a sound in South Georgia. Too bad we didn't have it yesterday in the ocean when we reached 10.2 knots going down following seas.

Then I struggled exporting the video with our new iMovie software and adding a bit of music. The original is high definition and very clear but is also huge (250MB) and would be very long to stream online.

Here is the very rough finished product of pictures and video. We'll try to make and post more videos.

Tonight we're anchored here if anyone's in the area (check it out in satellite view). I guess we spend a lot of nights in marshes.


At the tip of our vessel

And now from the back

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