Friday, November 22, 2013

Titusville Loves Cruisers

Titusville, located on Florida's Space Coast, has been on my list of stops since departure. Not for reasons of beauty, historical significance or visiting someone here but because Titusville makes sense. It is warm, it is reasonably priced, it is simple, and Titusville caters to cruisers. The Municipal marina has a wonderful free shuttle for cruisers that will basically take you anywhere in town. Thus far we've used it four times and gotten a ton of stuff done. The mini bus hold fifteen people but three times it was just us (incl dog) and once there was just one other couple. You basically sign up with your destinations and they shuttle you around to them. Know what you want and just running in quick? They'll wait for you. Need more time? They'll come back to pick you up while they shuttle others around. Some local businesses sponsor the shuttle so we try and support them first.

Titusville is also home to Westland Marina a full service yard but also a full do it yourself yard. Coincidentally Westland Marina was the only yard that provided me with a haul out “agreement” required by my one of the hurricane insurance companies I was considering (ultimately went with another insurance company without this silly requirement).

Titusville is where we are stopping for several days before continuing on to the hype of southern Florida. Here, we'll do a lot of of the maintenance & repairs needed before our big crossing to the Bahamas. I'd prefer to do them here because then we still have time in southern Florida to deal with any unforeseen problems from these maintenance & repair activities (hey whenever you change something there's always a risk, I don't want to make a change without an adequate shakedown test period and then have an issue in the middle of the Gulf Stream)

Heck we even saw a NASA space launch to Mars while enjoying margaritas at a local tiki bar. Over in a flash (pun intended) but still how cool is that?!

Titusville is also the best place to access Universal Studios and Disney World, a must for Cassandra.

I tried to convince the two boats were were traveling with, Lilly Pong and Gatito to also stay for a few days but they decided to continue on to Vero Beach. So it goes on this mass migration south, constantly meeting and parting ways. We'll definitely meet up with them again further south in Florida and maybe even cross with Lilly Pong, taking some their seven crew onboard with us.

Also in Titusville we finally caught up with Oséo! We've been chasing them the whole way down! This is a young couple with two children. They set off from Montreal (well Lake Champlain) a month before us on a two year voyage. They are homeschooling (boat schooling?) the kids. They were in newspapers and on TV just before leaving. They've always been just a few steps ahead of us but we finally caught up with them here! Looking forward to actually meeting them in person! They've actually just retiunred form Disney and we're just going so we'll likely have to catch up to them again.

Lilly Pong - 4 21 y/o cool dudes. Note hammock at front

Doing nothing...

Americans love bumper stickers... or bumper billboards!

There be a rocket in the distance

A better photo of a another launch day from the marina

Little friends

Engine maintenance - I'm actually not very happy with the way things are going here.

Dog maintenance

Manatees love drinking fresh water and getting their belly's rubbed

A face only a mother could love

High guys



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