Sunday, January 12, 2014

Goings On

So much activity over the last few days. At Staniel Cay we swam in the Bond movie Thunderball grotto. Check out our video. Visited split hoove beach where wild swine swim out to (and sometimes into) your dinghy for food. Dexter almost got a bit taken out of him. He's also learning to swim. Check out the video.

Now in Black Point we have been enjoying the local community and services. Happier Hour at Scorpio's bar followed by a 9pm run on the small grocery store to get fresh supplies just just unloaded off the Mailboat. Musical church services Sunday

While our initial attempt at spear fishing for fish and lobster proved fruitless it did provide some excellent up close views of colourful fish and coral. All that swimming works up an appetite though so with Brin de Folie we succumbed to temptation and bought fresh giant lobster off the dock ($15 each - big enough to feed two). A little bit of garlic butter and a few minutes on the grill, I think it was the best tasting lobster I have ever had. Imagine how it will taste when we catch them ourselves!

There are forty boats here in Blackpoint. We've made new friends with Mathieu & Caro on Croix du Sud and reconnected with old friends Maxime 
& Karine (and their two young children) on Angelica.

Ida's shoreside laundraumat with dinghy dock likely provides the best view of any laundraumat anywhere. Ida also offers six conch fritters for $1, free wifi, a little hardware section and even haircuts.

In only five days since getting a Bahamian data plan in Nassau we exhausted our 1gig allowance! We just purchased two more gigs for $30 (the Batelco office is easily located directly under the Batelco antenna tower) but we will have to watch our usage more closely.

Hanging out at the bar

Black Point Anchorage

Face Off

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  1. The Dexter video is awesome, but I think I know what happened to your 1 gig of data...