Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wishing Wells

Founded in large part by very recently deceased conservationist Peggy Hall, Warderick Wells, part of the protected Exumas Land and SeaPark is about as pristine as it gets. To protect the reefs anchoring is not allowed but there are about twenty mooring balls available for $15/night. Fishing of any kind is also forbidden. No trash drop-off. “Take only picture, leave only footprints” is the park's moto.

On the eastern cliffs there are some blow holes in the rock, when wave crash into the cliffs below air is blown up natural holes in the rock and bursts out at the top. We lay a good sized rock over one of the holes and it was blown aside by the force of the air. At the top of BooBoo hill there is a pile of wood pieces with boat names inscribed. This is the only thing you are allowed to leave on Warderick Wells.

Unfortunately we decided to cut short our stay on Warderick Wells. With some pretty nasty north blows coming in two days we decided to take the one day weather window and progress south to Staniel Cay and ride it out there.

This sperm whale allegedly died of ingesting too much plastic. Ya right and the planet is warming too. 

Bahamas are actually quite barren. So salty!

Not where you want your boat

Look how happy we look...

... until the cameras not looking.

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