Wednesday, July 23, 2014

All Locked Up

Rode the tidal current all the way up the Hudson river to Catskill NY where Sean and the boys at Hop-O-Nose marina unstepped the mast. Unfortunately the amazing mast supports that we designed, built and used on the way south disappeared from their storage barn and so we had to build new ones. The stands were clearly labelled with Topanga's name and my cell phone number. I don't make threats lightly but if I ever find the person who took our stands... a punch right in the kisser! Take another man's mast stands... it just ain't right. If you sailors happen to see my stands around please let me know.

We follow the blog of two Michigan twenty-something girls and their dog who've been doing the Great Loop on their small 27ft sailboat Louise. Who should we see when we pulled up at the Hop-O-Nose marina? We went over and introduced ourselves and when they started to introduce themselves I told them, as un-creepily as possible that we knew who they were and had been following them for a while. These girls are pretty impressive and have been featured in several Sailing magazines and Women's adventure publications.

My parents were kind enough to once again meet us and take our sails and some other gear by car. It was so nice to see them again, and looking so great! Thanks mom & dad!

After passing the ten locks of the historic Champlain Canal system we motored up lake Champlain and dropped anchor in front of my family's in Essex NY. On the return leg of our amazing adventure, to have Topanga anchored in the exact spot where my love of sailing and this dream had their genesis was very special. We spent a wonderful few days with my cousins Carole & Laura and even got to go for a sail on their little boat Laughing Gull. This was literally the first time that we've sailed on another boat in the last eleven months. Small boat sailing is such a joy.

Unfortunately we couldn't stay longer (go go go) and continued motoring up Lake Champlain to the Canadian border. Good to back in Canada. Another ten locks and seven swing bridges in the historic Chambly Canal has us currently making our way up the Richelieu river.

We are almost home.

Fare thee well New York

Following Henry

West Point

One last Wing-on-Wing

I'll miss you sails, we'll be reunited soon

Down she comes

Louise and the girls and Reggie the dog

Dexter ready to grab a line... ya that'll be the day this dog does something productive!

Just like our deck

Grill master

Topanga in the background

Also where my love of scooters originated

New Yorker by the pool... classic Cassy

Sailing on someone else's boat is so less stress!

Raising the fashion quotient as usual

Drunken sailors


Coconut shrimp!! Heyo!

Drop the boat 100ft. And an H&M advert

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  1. Sad to see you're almost home.. you will be missed in ours. We have been following Topanga since the beginning, you made us laugh, worry and let us be a part of your beautiful adventure through your blogs. Thank you for all that. You are a very nice young couple, however our heart goes to Dexter (we're in love!). Hope to see you again and our best to the three of you :)
    Dyanne and husband .. a french quebecois couple (yes, they're everywhere :)))

    This comment sent to "Her's" as well...