Tuesday, October 29, 2013

G Town

Georgetown is a nice little city between Myrtle Beach and Charleston. We were saddened to see the devastation a fire wrought on the “downtown's waterfront. We had heard about it from Michelle, an enthusiastic waitress back ion Myrtle beach but actually being there made your heart go out to the people of this historic place.

We walked around town and found a haunting Jewish Cemetery. The trees just made the grounds surreal. Historically South Carolina actually has a significant jewish legacy. One of the biggest jewish communities and apparently the birthplace of Reform Judaism. Deep south, who would have guessed! We're looking forward to learning and experiencing more on this when we get to Charleston in a couple of days.

Hopping in the dinghy we went over to Independent Seafood, where you can buy directly from the fishermen. Fresh & tasty!

Unload the car...


Even the dock pilings are charred!

Next stop Rice Museum


Come on Ard! Not getting my vote.

This little guy appeared on the boat.

But she already has her prince

Not a fan

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