Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Upper Canada

Back to the homeland. Brought our remaining Canadian currency to spend.

The evening of our arrival we attended an “out-of towners” cocktail for the wedding. I was definitely under dressed for this upscale event with only an argyle pullover, jeans and brown leather boat shoes. My only formal clothes were the suit for the actual wedding. Whatever I was on a boat! (greatest excuse ever!) Additionally, time didn't allow for a proper shave so I was also still sporting my new beard. I must have looked like a vagrant who wandered in.

The next day I did go looking for a barber but apparently we were staying in Little Jamaica and for blocks all we found was the stereotypical African American barber shop; you know, ten guys sitting in waiting chairs, five unoccupied hair cut chairs, only one guy actually getting his beard detailed and boisterous conversation all around. So I walk in, the only white guy, am seated and proceed to receive the longest haircut I have ever had. I mean this guy didn't cut my hair he detailed my hair. I have now have a slight slant in my sideburns! My jamaican is not fluent and I only caught about 10% of the discussion but nonetheless by the time I left I felt like I belonged. At the wedding many people introduced themselves again because no one recognized me from the night before!

It's actually so rare that I get to Toronto I took advantage to see my cousin Pam and Lorne. Pam had us all over to her sweet condo for brunch and we caught up while enjoying fresh waffles.

Due to weather around NYC (we were transiting through LaGuardia) all return flights were delayed for several hours. We tried to make the best of it but the day after a wedding... it was tiring. All this flying made me NOT MISS all the traveling I used to do for work. It's not really the traveling per se but the PA and video entertainment systems that really irk me. This is high technology aerospace people; can we not get the PA system to be lower than ear-splitting volume and the video entertainment systems to work reliably. Sigh.

Huge thanks to Laura & Joe who were gracious enough to let us stay at their home, although we never actually ever saw each other. They now of course get the reciprocal invite to come stay with us for a weekend in the Caribbean.

Out of Towners!

En Famile

Please note the basketball mural inside. Please disregard grey beard hairs.

Mazel Tov!

Ya you're cute...

But you're my one true love! (man I miss my beard!)

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