Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nail in the Coffin

As we were preparing to leave the Ponce anchorage for Caja de Muertos we noticed that the swiss catamaran who anchored in front of us the previous day looked to be a little closer and closer and closer. Definitely dragging. Strange because there was only very light wind. Their dinghy wasn't on the boat so they likely were not on board. Radio hailing, yelling and knocking on the hull confirmed that no crew was left on board. They were over our anchor so we couldn't move but we were ready to fend off any collision. Defend Topanga! Ultimately the passed just beside us, within about four feet. Nonetheless we didn't want to let the boat drag into the concrete dock bordering the anchorage so into the dingy I went to evaluate the situation. Push it with the dinghy? Go aboard and see if a second anchor could be dropped? Raise their anchor and pull in the boat with the dinghy and drop the anchor again? I have never done this before. Luckily soon enough a dinghy came racing up with the crew just in time. They boarded and re-anchored securely. Later they dropped off big squares of swiss chocolate as thanks. It lasted two days

Caja de Muertos or Coffin Island is supposed to resemble a corpse lying on it's back with it's hands folded over its midsection. I don't see it. We stopped for just a night here en route to Salinas and instead of climbing to the old lighthouse at the summit we just enjoyed the beach.

Hmm.. seems a little closer than yesterday

and closer

and closer

close call

Think I could push her with the dinghy?


I just marked my territory on a cactus, wait till the guys at home hear about this!

Well hello there. Why don't you come make yourself comfortable right next to me. (on this Harry Potter towel)

Topanga's on the left. Just kidding, she's on the right, you should have known that!


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