Thursday, March 20, 2014

St-Paddy's in Salinas

I came into my thirty fifth sixth year today (March 17th). 
Time and tide wait for no man. 
And so it is.

We celebrated with a dinner in Salinas joined by Little Wing, Taiga and Reve d'Ocean. After dinner we had everybody back on board for delicious cake courtesy of Cassy. Icing and baked coconut sprinkles, yes please! We had a great time.

My phone and email were awash with birthday wishes from those near & dear to me so I know I have not been forgotten.

Thank you for making this birthday so special.

Harnessing wind power too

Head of the table... finally

Red wine and white shirts... living on the edge

I was as good as it looks

I didn't actually eat the whole flaming cake in one bite as it may appear in this photo

How can a folding bike in a bag be this comfortable?

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