Monday, March 3, 2014

Tell Only Your Best Friends

We spent a wonderful week with Cassandra's parents, John & Susanna in Puerto Plata. They were staying at the luxurious Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club resort just adjacent to the marina we were at. This made getting together a fifteen minute walk or five minute bike ride. Upon arrival they spontaneously upgraded to V.I.P. status allowing them access to the best services, beaches and restaurants the resort had to offer (having just finished writing, producing and performing in a play they deserved it!). Furthermore, they got us V.I.P. status allowing us the same access. Although we continued sleeping on the boat at the marina every night we spent our days in the lap of luxury at the resort; lounging in the sun, stuffing our faces and drinking blended drinks with little umbrellas (celebrating Canada's Olympic hockey golds!!). I'm generally not an “all-inclusive” type of guy but I have to admit it was a nice change from the trials of living on a boat. They only blemish on an otherwise perfectly good week was that I came down with a brutal 24-hour bug that had it coming out of both ends at high velocity, Exorcist style.

John & Susanna also brought us many needed supplies from Canada that were hard to find here in the south. Particular foods, clothes and boat equipment. We also filled up their return luggage with items whose utility was ultimately not meriting the space they were taking on the boat.

Huge thanks to John & Susanna for visiting!!

Anybody else coming down?

Reunited mother bike tackle

So comfy

Yes that's a double decker beach bed

Seafood special

Too much relaxing


We haven't gained any weight... yeah right

Winnipeg whities

Dexter's tongue can be a wind indicator

Wet ocean hug

Bikini shot #100


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  1. Would really LOVE to know what items you sent home with the parents. What sort of things were no longer deserving precious storage space?


    Jennifer and Mark