Sunday, March 9, 2014

Record Setting

Puerto Plata to Samana on the Dominican Republic's east coast was a 125 nautical mile record setting passage distance for us. It took ended up taking us 27 hours for an average motorsailing speed of 4.5knots. We did shut off the engines and just sail for about four hours but then the wind totally died, so we fired up the engine again. About 10nm into the passage we saw whales jumping about two miles ahead of us! While spectacular to see, it was a bit concerning as they were playing right in our intended path. By the time we got there though they appear to have dove down to feed and we passed without incident. The Marina Bahia here in Samana is the best we've seen, very nice facilities, friendly staff, killer views, and all at a very reasonable price. We are really enjoying our stay here. A short trip into the town of Samana was interesting.

In the coming days we are planning on setting another distance record by crossing the Mona Passage en route to Puerto Rico for a total of about 150nm. This is the last “big” passage before the relatively easy island hopping in the Caribbean Windward islands. The the nearby Virgin Islands will be very tempting once in Puerto Rico!

Leaving Puerto Plata

Rounding the Cape

What a trooper

I've been into something 

Mass Transit

Why am I the only one on a leash?

DR's Apple Store... you should see the Genius Bar inside

Ya that ambulance isn't going anywhere fast...

Water Water Front


And the beast

Got to admit the dog's got chutzpah!


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  1. We'll be in St. Croix in a week - let us know if you make more speed records and will be there at the same time!