Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Silver Linings

We stayed on a couple of days in Puerto Plata after Cassandra's parents visit. We made friends with local brothers Julio and Victor who kindly offered to show us around the area. We ascended Mount Isabelle del Torres on the old Teleferico and enjoyed the spectacular views from on high. The Dominican Republic (DR) has a mountainous jungle topography, in stark contrast to the flat barren Bahamas. Then we went for BBQ chicken lunch, frozen yogurt in the central park (remember Yogen Früz) and finally a huge re-provisioning at a big super market. It was really nice getting to know these guys and getting a local tour. Thanks Julio & Victor!

Thursday was the DR's national independence day and a special Carnival was held in each city. We took a taxi to the malecon (main boulevard) and enjoyed the festivities. Costumed groups of dancers paraded for crowds lining the malecon, stopping for a full performance at the revue stand where they were judged and scored by the Carnival's king & queen. We sampled a wide variety of street food; raw sugar cane, chipped ice, cheese patties, wiener on a stick, popcorn. After the parade ended, in search of the Yogen Fruz again, we walked back up to the central park where the children's festival was still in full swing.

Up we go

Does this make me jealous? Sure it does.

Gangsta cave

Right next to gangsta bridge

See that sailboat off the coast? Could be us...

Dominican zombies

Past parade king, just can't let go

Forget food trucks, food bikes!

Real life donkey

Cassy gets some alone time

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